"Giant Eagle with Patriot and Flag in Red, White, and Blue"

1976, 28" x 32"

Once again, another masterpiece brought to you courtesy of Andy and Amy Lester of Petdance.com and Parsley.org. Andy and Amy have been such generous patrons of the collection that I thought it would be fitting to save the best for last, closing Gallery X with two of their donations. In spite of preparing for the birth of their daughter, Quinn, Andy and Amy still found time to pick up the above piece for me, as well as the final painting in Gallery X, "Blue and Orange Biblical Village Scene in Distressed Gray Bathroom Tile Frame (4 Missing Tiles)". The above painting arrived one week after September 11th, and in spite of my cynical nature I was quite moved by the sentiments expressed here, although I'm still not quite sure if I completely understand what they might be ....

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