"Mr. Daniel Hoff Senior"

1998, 12" x 14"

Although this painting would more properly be classified as "Outsider" Art, it made enough of an impact on me (and my 6 year old co-judge) to land 3rd prize in the 1999 Thrift Store Art Acquisition Party. What is most baffling to me is the title of the piece. Mr. Daniel Hoff certainly does not look old enough to be a "Senior" in the generational sense of the word, so I am speculating that he must be a senior in High School. Some viewers feel that this piece resembles a young Sinatra, but for my internal records I'm keeping this one classified as "Boy Elvis", even though Elvis rarely wore either a tie or a cardigan sweater! A very unusual inclusion in my collection due to it's recent date and "outsider" quality, but nonetheless a treasured piece.


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