"The E.R. Hump"

30" x 36"

This was the first painting to arrive for my 2001 Thrift Store Art Acquisition party. The painting was dropped off early since the guest's car was going to be full with people later in the evening, leaving no room for the painting. Upon viewing the piece, my first thought was that there was no way this painting could be topped, especially since the owner had won 1st prize in 1998. However, competition was stiff , and this work only earned a Silver medal, bested by "Dandy Gentleman with Cherubs and Roses" for top prize.

As to the actual composition, I'm speculating that everything must have been going OK with this piece until the psychadelics kicked in. I think the artist had planned to paint a nice desert scene, complete with camel, blazing overhead sun, and sand dunes, and then something went terribly wrong, hallucinogenic or otherwise. I can see it now, "Mmmmm..... This painting looks pretty good as it is, but what it REALLY needs is the head of Bob Marley somewhere .......".


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