"Ten Surgeons in Pink Transplant a Liver"

Xavier Cugat, 28" x 22"

While viewing a kindred spirit's collection a few years ago I happened to spot a small painting signed "X. Cugat". Recognizing the name from my time spent with obsessive record collector types I asked, "Is that.......?" . Sure enough, the painting had been purchased by the owner's parents in Mexico after seeing Mr. Cugat perform. It was quite a shock to see the same signature and same unmistakable style again a few weeks later while looking through an antique store in Iowa. The owners of the store had heard that many of Cugat's paintings later in his life had a medical theme to them, in part due to his excessive fear of doctors. Note the three jars marked, "New Livers", "Used Livers", and "Chopped Livers" at the foot of the bed, the sleeping dog next to the head surgeon, the orderly on the right reading Playboy, and the fluorescent pink blood being transfused into the patient.

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