"F.H.C.E. (Fire; Head; Camera; End)"

11" x 14"

F.H.C.E. (Fire; Head; Camera; End) speaks to postmodernism at its best. Artist shows a keen awareness of the tenets of Dadaism, surrealism and Expressionism all the while maintaining a deliberately unfinished, raw brushstroke; a treatment that suggests his ideological deconstruction of "fine" art. The themes of deconstruction (and, additionally, evolution) are evident in /F.H.C.E.'s /subject material as well, as he was clearly indicating that man was born of fire, conversely created the camera, which in its snowballing technology signals the "end" or destruction/deconstruction of humanity.

Above text courtesy of Kacy Karlen, Curatorial Assistant, Bowdoin College Museum of Art

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