"Unattended Toddler Sits with Balloons and Playing Children"

1972, 14" x 20"

A beautiful painting depicting one lonely toddler holding a bundle of colorful balloons surrounded by a quartet of playing children. Note the inspired symmetry in the placement of the children - on each side of the toddler is one boy and one girl. The artist has surely studied the great Renaissance painters, seen in her brilliant use of mathematical formulas and geometric values in the placement of each figure, which serve to highlight the toddler, sitting right in the middle of the other four figures, all bundled in blue. While it is clear that the artist references the genius of Leonardo in her figure placement, one is reminded of the Impressionists, specifically Cezanne and Monet, when examining the bold use of color and thick impasto brush strokes. A rainbow-filled cornucopia of colors feast-for-the-eyes.

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