"Multi-Cultural Children Ride Strange Creature"

24" x 12"

Another personal favorite. I love the ambiguity of this painting and the way that the piece can be interpreted on so many different levels. I like to think that the painting is allegorical in nature and that the three children, black, white, and Asian, represent the great American melting pot. The clothing that the children wear shows that although we may be different on the outside, we all live under one flag of red, white, and blue. It isn't clear whether the children are placed atop a porpoise in the sea or are in flight astride a bird. The blue background is masterfully painted, and even after lengthy study and inspection I am still unable to ascertain whether the white highlights are clouds or rolling waves. The beast the children ride has neither wings nor fins, but the look of intent concentration on its face is apparent as the creature single-mindedly carries it's charges on a journey towards racial harmony.

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