"Demonic Pink Schoolgirls Frolic in the Field"

1984, 18" x 24

This is another painting that is too frightening to display, and I can literally feel the Satan-inspired energy from the pigment of the paints oozing off of the canvas . I don't know if it's the demonic eyes, the windswept hair, the bare feet, the unearthly pink hue, or the mystery of the action unfolding before us, but this piece is definitely better off tucked far, far away in storage. The gravity defying stance of the three figures, each so intent on the task at hand gives the impression that we are observing a ritual rarely viewed by outsiders ...... In fact, if one were to draw a parallel reference to the celluloid Art form, "The Stepford Wives" or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" may come to mind.

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