"Serpico? Kenny Loggins?"

28" x 36"

The first prize winner of the 2nd Bi-Annual Thrift Store Art Acquisition Party clearly vanquishing all contenders by leaps and bounds. The 1997 festivities saw only one painting worthy of inclusion in the Galleries ("Groom with Large Hand Weds Blond Woman in Colorful Church" - Gallery IV), but 1999 brought forth a veritable cornocopia of artwork. The most surprising aspect of this painting's win is that it was donated by a party guest who was quite unfamiliar with the Thrift Store Art genre. Whether blind luck or cosmic predestination brought this painting into my living room, it enchanted me within my first seconds of viewing it. The absence of any discernable neck, the multi-colored woven belt, the misshapen hands (a common Thrift Store Art theme), and the nonexistent chair which the figure is "seated" on are just a few of the wonderful features of this masterpiece. My first thoughts when viewing the painting were of Al Pacino, others saw Kenny Loggins, and some even swore that the figure bore an uncanny resemblance to their first step-father (unconfirmed). Awarding 2nd and 3rd prizes was quite difficult when faced with so many fine paintings, but there was simply no competition for the grand prize once this I laid eyes on the above painting.

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