"Girl in Shorts Sliding Down Wooden Bannister"

Miren, 1967, 22" x 28"

This is the shit, man...The bees knees....Pure, raw, unadulterated, creative genius. Life is GOOD, baby! God, where to start? The wonderful gold frame? The way the frolicking youngster appears to float in mid air, impaled by some sort of demon twisted staircase? The tomboy shorts and white socks? And the horror; the horror, the horror of the awful brown woodwork. You can't even begin to imagine my reaction when I found this painting. And, upon closer examination I was even able to gain some insight into the working process of the great Miren. When I arrived home with the painting and carefully hung it under better lighting, I discovered that the figure of the young girl originally sat some three inches higher than her current position. Closer inspection reveals barely visible dark brush swirls painted in the girl's shape, indicating that she had been previously painted over. I'm sure this one will be on display for many years to come. I hope it brings as much joy and meaning to your life as it does to mine.....

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