"The Surrealist Masterpiece"

27" x 21"

Eat your heart out Salvador Dali! As I stood inside a rickety shopping cart, rolling from side to side, struggling to reach for this painting on the upper shelf of a Salvation Army thrift store display, the woman next to me remarked, "That sure is an ugly painting"! From that moment there was little doubt that I was destined to own this work of genius. Four monkeys use an oversize saw to cut the limb off a barkless tree through which an old-time locomotive train passes on a continuous circular wire; a mountain ringed by a paved road reaches up towards the sky while a singular truck drives away from a factory belching smoke; another factory at the base of the mountain spits fire into the sky and pushes its gray fumes outward towards a surrounding body of water; and a single-prop plane all the while circles above, weaving in and out of the tree branches where a fifth primate squats clutching at one of the few remaining leaves. Can you say, "Lorax" boys and girls? A true ... ... ... surrealist masterpiece.

As Gallery visitor Don Frades writes about the above painting:

"Great website! I'm a regular visitor. Imagine my surprise to see my own town in one of your paintings! "The Surrealistic Masterpiece" has a picture of Morro Rock and the Morro Bay power generating plant (that's the 3-chimneyed "factory"). Why? And how can that become the unifying theme for the monkeys and the rest? And how did such a picture get so far from Morro Bay, a town of 25,000 midway between L.A. and San Francisco?"

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