"Turtle Crosses Road While Automobile Approaches"

30" x 30"

This painting has been the subject of many heated debates among viewers of the collection. Will the slow-moving legs of the beast carry it across the highway in time to avoid the tires of the oncoming auto? Or are we seconds away from the ultimate confrontation between man and beast? Personally, I feel that there is a third possibility. It appears to me that the car will roar by in front of the turtle, thus avoiding the possibility of any unsightly roadkill. My reasoning has more to do with the skewed perspective of the work than with any sort of queasiness or inordinate love of reptiles. This painting previously hung directly above my desk, and from the chair below it appeared as if the creature had barely begun his frightful journey. In the end, however, each man or woman must come to their own conclusion. The debate continues.....

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