"Black Kat Vase"

1993, 10" x 12"

Actual testimonial and painting critique from a Gallery visitor:

Dear Sir,

I very much enjoyed your galleries on my first visit. In fact I cried with laughter, evoking a variety of responses from my neighbors in the library in which I was viewing them. I would take issue with you regarding a glaring error, however. In the picture "Black Kat Vase", your title neatly points to the obvious (and presumably deliberate) ambiguity of interpretation open to the viewer - feline or vessel - yet ignores the enigmatic inverted chick on the work, a level not immediately
apparent, yet full of possibilities.

I have not painted since high school, but have been inspired by your display to take up my brushes once again. Perhaps one day........

Thanks for an enjoyable experience!

Neil Simpson


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