"Elongated Nude in Green"

Kimball, 15" x 46"

Odd-shaped canvases are always special but this painting has a lot more going for it besides chest-high dimensions. I often wonder if the size and shape of an irregular canvas will dictate the image, or if an artist will buy an irregular canvas to fit the image he wants to paint. The elongated body and face of the central figure remind me of a Modigliani, and I especially like the simplicity of line and the unpredictability of the figure's curves. The woman's torso seems to go on forever. The strange positioning of her arms give this piece a feeling of awkwardness and distance. Unfortunately, my camera was not able to capture the true color of this work and the image appears much lighter than it is in reality. The actual color of this painting reminds me of the dark shade of green that Chrysler might have used back in the late 60's/early 70's for a Plymouth Duster or a Dodge Dart. I'm not usually a big fan of nudes but I think this one is quite special.

Update October 2004 - For more details on H.C. Kimball check out the informational bio I recently picked up at a local antique store.

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