"Serena's Surrealist Masterpiece (with Wheelchair)"

H.C. Kimball, 1967, 14" x 18"

A strong contender for 3rd prize of the 1999 Thrift Store Art Acquisition Party, but disqualified due to it's surrealist perfection. While this painting holds not a trace of the Thrift Store aesthetic, it is remarkable how perfectly Kimball captures the Surrealist style. Note the barren trees, the ladder-like shadow coming from the fissure in the earth, the somber figures at left, and the seven unidentifiable white-capped posts protruding from the earth and casting their shadows. Another piece which left me speechless when I received it, and one which will surely hang on the wall when another piece falls out of favor.

Update October 2004 - For more details on H.C. Kimball check out the informational bio I recently picked up at a local antique store.

See also "Elongated Nude in Green".

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