"Peepshow Nightmare"

24" x 30"

It seems that quality Thrift Store Paintings are just getting harder and harder to find these days..... This is the first painting I've seen in almost six months that has really inspired me, and it recently earned one of the limited places on my office wall, replacing "Turtle Crosses Road..." (Gallery III) above the computer. Besides the fire-engine red '73 Camaro floating around in this gentleman's brain, his obsessions include numerous prostitutes, a theater sign which reads "Porno Flick - Last Tango in Warsaw", some weird sort of mini atomic explosion mushroom cloud just above his nose, and best of all, the bright yellow "Peep Show" sign which reads, "Kinky Sex Acts Featuring Zelda and her Hamster". Now why can't I find a painting every week that's this wonderful?

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