"Surf Baby"

V. Worbays, 20" x 24"

Admittedly, this is my first "pirated" piece of thrift store artwork, but the painting has so much going for it that I really don't feel too bad about pilfering the image from a photo I took where the painting was not actually purchased. On my visit to L.A. for the Brea Thrift Store Art show I happened across this painting at a local Venice Beach antique store. Great painting, but at $375.00 this was waaaayyy over my budget for the week. However, the shop owner was nice enough to allow me to photograph the painting, and of course after looking through my developed photos back home I decided that maybe no price was too high for "Surf Baby". In hopes of negotiating a more reasonable fee for the privilege of hanging this one on my walls (and trust me, it would have made it somewhere in the house), I called the shop back the following week. But alas, the painting had been sold to a surf collector in Japan, and I'll have to content myself with memories of the painting and the above digital file.

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