"The Stud"

D. Tuttle, 1969, 20" x 24"

"The Cowboy"

D. Tuttle, 1963, 18" x 24"

"The Stranger"

D. Tuttle, 1976, 20" x 24"

"The Chief"

D. Tuttle, 1966, 20" x 24"

"The Sheriff"

D. Tuttle, 1962, 20" x 24"

"American Gothic"

D. Tuttle, 1974, 16" x 20"

One of my finest moments of Thrift Store Karma was acquiring this set of D. Tuttle works from the years 1962 to 1976. In the late 70's Tuttle moved into painting wild African animals and tropical birds, which, while quite nice, were nowhere near the quality of the above. I did not purchase 8 or 10 of these later paintings but may return at a later date to reconsider. Regretably, Tuttle's work from the '80's warrants no such return trip. After his brief interlude into the world of Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom, Tuttle endeavored to paint some of the most banal landscapes this side of a starving artist sale at Holiday Inn.

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