"War Pigs (Apologies to Black Sabbath)"

Waugh, 48" x 36"

The first time I saw this painting it was hanging on the walls of a very upscale antique store for $750. Great painting, lousy price. The next few times I visited the store over the following couple of years, the painting had been moved to the basement and marked down to $450. Another year or so goes by and the painting had been tagged for a 50% off sale at $225. Still, the painting was priced way above what I considered "reasonable". Fast forward another six months to when I walk into one of my favorite resale shops and see the piece leaning against the wall and priced at $40. SOLD!!!

Although I don't like to think of the pieces in my collection in monetary terms, I relate the above story to illustrate just how subjective the value placed on Art (capital "A") can be. That said, the painting had such a striking impact on me that I did almost bite at $225. First, I very rarely see larger pieces of this quality in my travels, and secondly, this baby is out there !!! The horrors of war are laid out in brutally graphic detail by Mr. Waugh as the hapless combatants march like pawns across the chessboard of some higher power. Hand of God? Long arm of the Government? Fire, blood, lightning, barbed wire and steel gates await; abandon hope all ye who enter here .....

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